"I’ve been in charge of operations for our medical laboratory, located in Long Beach, since its founding in 1995. During the vast majority of that time, we were a loyal customer of a major national medical waste disposal company. You might think that being a long-term customer would have certain benefits, such as reduced (or at least competitive) pricing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our medical waste disposal fees steadily climbed over the years until we were paying upwards of several thousands of dollars per month! While we understood that medical waste disposal was expensive, we did not realize how badly we were being overcharged until we were contacted by Medical Waste Services. The fee for the same service was hundreds of dollars, not thousands. The national medical waste disposal company was charging us over seven times the amount that Medical Waste Services charged.

As you can imagine, we wanted to immediately switch service companies but found that the national company had an “iron-clad”, automatically-renewing contract with us. We appeared to be locked in for an additional 3 years and even then it would be difficult to extract ourselves from the contract due to their burdensome restrictions on cancelling their contract.

Medical Waste Services offered to help us get out of our ridiculously expensive contract. We were concerned about the possible legal ramifications but, in the end we decided to trust Medical Waste Services and terminate our contract with the national corporation and contract with Medical Waste Services instead.

We have been with Medical Waste Services for over a year now and are completely satisfied with their service and reasonable rates. Medical Waste Services helped us terminate our prior contract with no negative repercussions.

Medical Waste Services has been very responsive to our needs and excel at resolving any problems immediately. And the rates are extremely reasonable. I highly recommend using Medical Waste Services."

-- Steve Evans
Rational Therapeutics Laboratory
Long Beach, California' --


"To Whom It May Concern:

Yes, I am one of those veterinarians that got roped into a contract with Corporate America and it might as well have been like purgatory.

I bought a practice where the previous owner had utilized them, and, naturally, to avoid doing one extra thing added to the other thousand you need to do when taking over a business, I elected to continue service.

Oh my goodness, what a mistake! Broken promises, missed pickups, mis-communication, overcharging, hidden fees............HELP!

Fortunately, Mia Westfall of MWS was recommended and guided me through a seamless process to rid me of the ugly beast. I am now cancer free and very happy with Mia and MWS. Highly recommended!"

-- David A. Gordon, DVM

Oceanside Veterinary Hospital

Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital' --


"We are extremely pleased with the services and pricing offered by MWS. Switching from Stericycle saved us over $200K annually. We now have consistent pricing and great service. We highly recommend MWS!"

-- Watts Healthcare 'GD / Facilities' --


Laguna Beach, CA Pelvic and Reconstructive Surgeon

"Not only has MWS been prompt and professional, they have saved us over 70% per month, from our previous medical waste service. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable medical waste provider." 

-- RA, MD --


Lancaster, CA; Property Manager

"MWS has provided excellent service for three properties, with a significant cost savings over our previous medical waste company. The advantages go beyond the cost savings. I have the benefit of working with a local organization that will provide prompt attention to all of my requests." 

-- CM Property Manager --


Burbank, CA; Surgeon

"We enthusiastically endorse and recommend MWS for bio-hazardous waste disposal. MWS freed us from an abusive long-term contract with skyrocketing rates. MWS managed the entire process promptly and professionally, exceeding our expectations." 

-- AR MD --