Our clients save time, money and headaches

MWS will save you as much as 75% on your regulated medical waste disposal costs versus national competitors. MWS is locally owned and operated with a strong background supporting and servicing the healthcare community with affordable, personalized waste stream analysis and service plus:

  • No hidden charges or sudden price increases
  • Simple, nonrestrictive contracts
  • Service frequencies to meet your needs
  • Waste audits & waste stream analysis
  • Comprehensive OSHA compliance services

Invest in Your Practice Instead of Your Trash

Your  biohazardous waste provider might well be costing you dollars that you could invest in much-needed new staff or medical equipment upgrades. That’s why so many clients have switched to Medical Waste Services. MWS can save you as much as 75% compared to our national competitor’s rates. Here are some average annual savings for our clients by practice types:

Practice Type Actual Annual Savings

  • Multi-Physician Clinic - $46,591.00
  • Gastro/Endo - $48,663.00
  • Veterinarian - $12,816.00
  • Outpatient Surgery - $17,556.00
  • Group Practice - $18,552.00
  • Private Practice - $5,688.00

When you consider a typical five-year service contract, your annual savings can easily add up to $40,000 or more over the life of your agreement. We even saved one large hospital $335,000 annually! Imagine what your hospital or healthcare practice could do with those saved dollars. Best of all, it only takes about five minutes for MWS to determine how we can help save you money.

Stop wasting money with inferior services.

Enjoy all the benefits of Medical Waste Services by calling for a free consult and price quote. Call 888.610.1311 for more information. Our Southern California service area includes San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County, San Diego County, Ventura County and Los Angeles County.